In Commemoration of the 50th YR Anniversary of HENDRIX in HARLEM!!!

From the same dynamic trio that brought you the progressive track MOJO MAN comes the NEW single, Creativity. Hendrix and the Ghetto Fighters have a long history of collaboration on Jimi’s posthumous tracks like Dolly Dagger, Izabella, etc. Jimi was able to lend his futuristic guitar stylings to some of the tracks slated for the Ghetto Fighters project. Creativity features Jimi on guitar as you hear his unmistakable sound all over the track. There’s only a few ways you can get this track:

1. Purchase the Aleems’ paperback book Jimi Hendrix and the Ghetto Fighters In Harlem World from their website:

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2. Purchase Jimi Hendrix Black Legacy:
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Once you have purchased either of the two books, you will be sent the single Creativity as an attachment to the e-mail that you provide.