Jimi and the World of the Mu. U.S.T.

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In the year 1970, Jimi Hendrix revealed to us, TaharQa and Tunde Ra Aleem, a.k.a. The Ghetto Fighters, what we now know to be the living manifestation of music in form. For TaharQa and me, it was quite normal to hear Hendrix discuss in detail the existence of the seven worlds of music and the beings that inhabit those realms. However, on three separate occasions while we were recording songs for the Hendrix albums Cry of Love and Rainbow Bridge, Jimi invited us into a private area in the recording studio where he strummed sounds from his guitar that caused a tonally induced astral vortex to open.

This vortex exposed an ethereal world never witnessed by us prior to Hendrix revealing it. Within that plane, Jimi summoned and made visible musical entities from a mystical world of sound. These beings encircled and engulfed the room in vibrant full color spectrum and tone. Jimi miraculously appeared to be communicating with the entities. They circled around our heads and permeated the room bursting into harmonic waves and vision. They flowed within and throughout us then returned in unison, back into the magic vortex that Jimi called “The key of A”. My brother and I internalized the occurrences. Ultimately they manifest themselves in songs and stories and we present them as they manifest to us. We make no concessions to rational notions of plausibility, nor do we apologize for seeming flights of fancy. Through an enormous gift of fate we gained access to the experience of what Hendrix called, THE WORLD OF THE MU.


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