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Aleeems_Bio_PictureAbout The Aleem Brothers

Since the mid-1960s when they worked and recorded with Jimi Hendrix until today, the legendary twin brothers, Tunde Ra & TaharQa Aleem, (a.k.a., The Allen brothers, Ghetto Fighters, Prana People, Us and Fantastic Aleems)
have been making rock, blues, R&B, dance and rap music that has proven their
musicianship, performance and production artistry. Their place in music
history is well established as premier independent record label pioneers, and
their status as collaborators with, and recognizers of, major music talent
has propelled them to Hall of Fame attention and recognition in the world of
black music in particular, as well as the world of popular music as a whole.

Steven Stancell: Whoz Who: The World of Rap Music …


About Nia Records

TaharQa and Tunde Ra Aleem founded Nia Records in 1979 with their own release, “Hooked On Your Love”. The song featured Leroy Burgess on lead vocals, with Jocelyn Brown, Crystal Davis and Luther Vandross on background vocals (his first recorded work). The recording was an immediate hit in the clubs. Followed by a string of successful hits, Nia Records pioneered the market for 12” dance records. This Harlem independent label, Nia, epitomized the sound of the street and was pivotal in changing the face of club; rap and street culture with their brand of hip hop music,


Nia Entertainment

Now with their historical catalog as their foundation, the Aleems brothers open up another chapter on their journey through the world with their music, literature and creativity. The Aleems have now launched their online entertainment label niaintertainment.com


Nia Entertainment will showcase a new rostrum of talent and will also help raise the bar in the entertainment world with, “Urban Street Tales” the Aleems unique form of audio entertainment that incorporates the flavor of the old forties and fifties ‘radio’ soap operas to form a modern episodic art style. Each episode has a distinctive blend of hard-core original music with a gritty, flamboyant street character highlighting the musical street tale. “Urban Street Tales” are raw street adventures that replicate the beat of the urban pulse “When you hear it you’ll swear you’re seeing it and you can’t wait to see it”

The foundation of Nia Entertainment will truly be the Fantastic Aleems.

TaharQa and Tunde Aleem’s Wikipedia Page

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